The Ballad of Maiden

 Pure, utter genius! No words, no words!

I even know if the forth wall was just broken or not but i love it! Matt is a genius! The tears were 100X genuine i bet. I can't even think what to write here because my mind is blown! Have some gifs of the best bits instead!

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A Batman post, no srsly.

Like the sad, sad person I am, I have spent the last week watching CHILDREN'S CARTOONS on my laptop. OK, I hope it's sort of cool that I've been watching them seeing as it's 'The Batman' and after some research I found that fully grown men watch it too, creepy fully grown men but still. 

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Geeking out in style

 To day i had the very fun task of clearing out the shelves in my room, fun right?

well actually it was a bit; i found all my action figures i got for christmas last year (i had put them in boxes because i had them up on my shelf but then we had the bathroom next door to my room re-done and the banging and whatnot that goes with re-doing a bathroom, knocked them all down (and broke a few ornaments as well :C ) cool story bro!). Anyway, i decided that putting my figures back in pride of place was far more important than whatever it was i was doing before and so i put them all up again.  

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introducing, introductions

 Well, i guess i should post something on this blog now. My sister, (yeah i just found her on here) told me to get a live journal and i was just about to when i remember i had created this account for ...some...reason....i had a good reason when i did create it but i has lost me now! Usually my memory is impeccable but this has really out foxed me!

Anyway enough of this trivial nothingness; my name is Hermioe (any pedos out there please don't try and find me with this information because it is quite a ridiculous, unique name so might be easy to, whatever, just don't. i'm feisty) i never remember how to spell 'Hollingbery' which i suppose i should do seeing as its my name, i remember once i was in an exam and they had spelt it in some way on my test paper in which i wasn't quite sure was right and i wasn't sure if i should bring it up with anyone or not seeing as it seemed quite important to me, and yet probably didn't effect my exam very much, and i was so worried about this (yes, i'm a worried folks) that i didn't realise the exam had started and it plagued me through out the test! 

My word, i do go off on a one when i'm given a soap box to stand on! So anyway, introductions.... i'm 16 (yes, legal) and hmmm i find it very hard to describe myself. If someone put a gun to my head and told me to tell them a short summery of myself or they would kill me (extreme i know but stranger things have happen) then my brain would probs be littering the floor after a long-winded explanation of how i do my hair of a morning because i really can't do it! i guess i can say the basics. I'm about 5,10 kinda chubs (but i make it work....jk), i have a fixation with my hair, it needs to be big, ALL THE TIME!! i pretty much have a smokers cough from all the hair spray i use (but lungs fix themselves though right, right?), my style kind of flitters in between styles, taking bits from indie, goth, rocker (ugh what an awful term) and just.....normal.

I'm really into art and i love Japanese mangas and kookie little cartoons! i could never, like, release anything of my own art seeing as i basically only like to copy art of far greater men and women but i'm fairly confident i will be looking at an A/A* come August and i get my art GCSE result (straightens tie) oh yeah! although i'm not so sure about any of my other result (but thats a whole other topic for a whole other post)

i find music very inspiring. I know most people find that but i think that some of the musicians and artists i've heard and experienced live have really made me the person i am today. My Chemical Romance were the first band that really gave me passion for life and living (sounds the same but are really different). i went through a bit of a rough patch when i was 12/13 (yeah i was an early bloomer) and their music really helped me through it. Muse are the other band that really were special for me, inspiring me with writing, art and just who i am.

This is getting a little heavy so i'm going to finish here and just say that this was just a little insight into my quite confusing thoughts (yeah i'm not just doing that whole "oh i'm so kooky and crazy my mind is so random lol lol lol" thing some people have going on, i really do have some problems i'm loathed to really go into and my mind really is an awful place to be some times, but other times its fiippin' fantastic :] ) and i hope this has been a little bit interesting! i'll go into everything in more details in other posts but for now;